Rolling in Milano

Phototale of a strange trip

We are at Milano Certosa on April 7, 1976. It has been freshly outshopped the first of an electric loco group which will have an huge success in FS, totalizing more than 500 units built. The E.656.001 is rounded by some techincians.
The meaning of all these cares is the destination of this loco: it have to be showed in the Fiera Campionaria di Milano, opening in the next days. It's now necessary load it on a road trailer.
The operation has not been easy: some features of the front boogies have to be removed to avoid damages, but finally they got it. Now it's starting the most dlicate part of the trip, when the truck reach urban streets.
With some difficulties P.zza Santorre di Santarosa is crossed, with a high attention to the electrified tramway catenary of the line carrying to Roserio, which seems so near to loco's pantographs!
Beside a foreigner TIR and in an incredibly empty road - just some 500 FIAT are visible! - the truck with the big guest is about to enter in P.le Accursio to then roll along Viale Certosa bound to the center.
The Fiat 519 truck trailer is about to entering P.le Accursio, where a "river" of old time cars is arriving from the left with a really huge obstacle to cross by!
From Viale Certosa they curve along trollybus circus line, where there is the other critical point to pass by: trolleybus wires are so low to play bad thoughts to Cav. Alfredo Forti (then DepotChief in MI Greco) who is leaning to check it.
We are about to arrive to the end of the trip: the heavy consist is now in via Gattamelata, beside to abandoned tramway tracks, after the opening of new stretches of underground line N1.
The bright 656 pass slowly by in Zona Fiera lanes, here near P.zza 6 Febbraio, really near to the end of the journey.
The waiting to let enter a so huge guess through Porta Domodossola is justified: inside the Fiera is under preparation the short track which will allocate the loco, witness of a railway new age starting right thanks to E.656.